Courses>> Pre-sea Engine Cadet Training Programme Leading To Second Engineer COC From United Kingdom (UK).

About the Course:
The approved Pre-sea Engine Cadet Training Programme aims to provide students who want to start a career at sea by first becoming a Engine Cadet. The objective of this course is to impart training with background knowledge and practical work to enable them to be competent to carry out the engineering watch keeping duties safely.

Course Duration : 9 Months - Pre-sea Training                                        

Medical Standards :

Candidate should be medically and physically fit for sea service as per STCW 95/MS Medical rules 2000 as applicable to seafarers.
Candidate will have to undergo a full Medical checkup as per the practicing doctor approved by RAPMA.

Age limit :
17.5 to 29 years old.

Course Synopsis :
Approved Pre-sea Engine Cadet Training Programme

Step 1. Pre-sea Training- (9 Months)

Pre-sea Training is conducted over a period of nine months. This is to ensure that students are equipped with the fundamental knowledge to sign-on onboard foreign going ships as Engine Cadets. This program is conducted wholly at R.A. Pandey Marine Academy, India.

Step 2. Sea time as Engine Cadet -12 months

Upon successful completion of Pre-sea Training, the engine cadets has to undergo sea time onboard foreign going merchant vessels for a minimum duration of sea time of 12 months.

Step 3. Attend training course at R.A. Pandey Marine Academy.

After the completion of 12 months sea time the candidate may attend a Upgrading course for training to the next rank at R. A. Pandey Marine Academy.

Step 4. Sea time - 12 months

On successfully completing the training course from R.A. Pandey Marine Academy the candidate can sail for 12 months onboard vessels powered by main propulsion machinery of 3000 Kw propulsion power or more.

Step 5. Chief Officer COC Exam from United Kingdom (UK).

After completing 12 months of sea time the candidate may go to the United Kingdom (UK) to give their Second Engineer Officer COC exams and become Second Engineer Officer with UK COC after successfully passing the examination.


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